Terms of Service (The Rules)

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Terms of Service (The Rules)

Post by stevenumbrello on Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:19 pm

Welcome to The Smoking Jacket Magazine's message boards! Please respect and follow the following rules of our boards, and most of all, have fun!

1. Decisions of moderators and administrators are final.

2. We strive to maintain a “family friendly” atmosphere that is welcoming to users of all ages. That means no cursing (including '***disguised***' profanity), swearing, excessive sexual innuendo or posting pics that contain nudity. Basically, if it’s not allowed during prime family-watching time on TV (roughly a PG rating), it’s not appropriate here. Additionally, links posted by users that lead to sites that do not hold to the same family friendly standards may be edited or deleted at the discretion of the board Admins/Moderators. We cannot guarantee the quality or family-friendly nature of other site content, including user comments. Please use your own discretion when following links to external sites.

3. Posts containing racial, ethnic, religious, political, sexual or other slurs, personal attacks (on a SJM user or other person) intentional attempts to drive posters away or make them feel unwelcome, or posts made with the purpose of criticizing or insulting another poster will be edited or removed.

4. No spamming of the boards. This includes, but is not limited to, repeatedly posting the same or similar content more than one time or in more than one forum, excessive no-text posts, or posts made with such frequency as to disrupt normal operations of the board. Spamming also includes registering for the sole purpose of promoting your website, yourself, your Ebay auction, etc.

5. 8. Any abuses of the private messaging system will result in a warning to the offending user(s) and/or a possible ban. Please contact an Admin if you receive an abusive or spammish PM. The contents of another member’s private messages should never be publicly posted on the boards without their permission.

6. Along the same lines, personal information (including photos) is not to be given out about any individual without their permission. In particular, persons under 18 years of age should seek parental consent before giving out personal information in public or private through the use of the message board.

7. Given this forum is dedicated to tobacco and related products it is imperative that you are of legal age in your country/state or province with regards to the purchase and consumption of tobacco and tobacco related products.

8. If another poster violates the rules, please just ignore their post or PM and notify an Admin (list available on this Welcome Board). Debating with hostile posters (also known as trolls) about their behavior only causes threads to degenerate. Stick to the topic of the thread, rather than the personalities involved. Another person's poor behavior is not an excuse to misbehave. In other words: please don’t feed the trolls!

9. Still have questions about our rules? Please refer to rule #1.  Wink 

Note: These rules and regulations may change at any time with or without notice, and be enforced under the new conditions immediately upon such change. The user agrees, by use of this message board, to abide by these rules and be censored in any form the administration of such board deems necessary or proper to be conducive to an environment best suited for their type of message board.

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